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Our Services

Individual performance enhancement

Evaluating the athlete’s current mental skills, developing and implementing an individual training program aimed at improving specific mental skills. Sessions are usually one-on-one. Collaboration of coaches and family members included when appropriate. Techniques include relaxation training, motivation, imagery, self-talk, neurofeedback concentration training, goal setting, etc.

Individual adjustment counseling

Assisting athletes, family members, coaches, and staff who are experiencing emotional, behavioral, or relationship difficulties. Problems may or may not be related to sports participation. Issues include: coping with life stresses, time management, coping with injury, career transitions, eating and substance abuse disorders, etc.

Seminars and Workshops

Group educational programs for athletes, families, and coaches focused on specific topics. Small group sessions are conducted at the Center or on-site for specific groups upon request. Example: “Mental Skills Training for Golfers”, a two-part workshop for ten golfers conducted at the Center each summer.

Team Consultation

Training and consultation with team managers, coaches, staff, and players regarding morale, communications, and team building. This includes our special high school “Championship Red, White and Blue” consulting packages.

Professional Training

Workshops for mental health and sports science professionals who are beginning or expanding their practices in sport psychology. Also, individual mentoring of such professionals by appointment at our location as well as via telephone and Internet.

Performance Enhancement for Non-athlete Performers

Many of the tools and techniques that we use with athletes are effective with others who must perform under pressure, such as musicians, performing performing artists, and executives.

Research and Development

We have developed and continue to research and refine an integrative, holistic model for performance enhancement called the “Nine Mental Skills of Successful Athletes.” This model has been used and researched by colleagues throughout the world.

Referral Service

When necessary, we evaluate and refer clients to other appropriate treatment professionals and facilities. Our referral list includes sports medicine specialists in nutrition, physical therapy, and orthopedics, as well as mental health specialists in eating disorders and substance abuse.

Speakers Bureau

We provide speakers for school, civic, business, and athletic groups on many subjects regarding mental and emotional aspects of sports. Our speakers include the director, part-time associates of the Center, and professional colleagues.

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