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Consulting packages for high school teams:

“Championship Red, White and Blue”

How often has your team performed better in practice than in competition? How often have your best players lost their edge due to nervousness? Has your team ever lost points when one of your players couldn’t control his anger?

Coaches know that the mental side of sport is important. But just saying, “relax” or “focus” or “attitude is everything” isn’t enough. At the Ohio Center for Sport Psychology we have developed a systematic method for assessing the mental skills of your athletes and for training their mental effectiveness. Our model, “The Nine Mental Skills of Successful Athletes” has been developed and used successfully with hundreds of athletes from a wide variety of sports from scholastic to world-class, Olympic and professional.

Our Training Program Options

Champion Red

The services provided in this introductory program include an overview of the importance of mental skills in sport and techniques used for performance enhancement. Specific skills include:

  • Goal-setting
  • Positive self-talk
  • Relaxing under pressure
  • Staying focused during competition
  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Anger management

Conducted by Tim Fello, M.Ed. Cost: $120.

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Champion White

This intermediate program includes all of the services described in the Champion Red program plus an in-depth assessment of the team’s mental skills. Using the Nine Mental Skills of Successful Athletes Self-assessment Questionnaire, each athlete receives an individual profile of his mental strengths and weaknesses. Coaches receive a team profile and, based on these results, follow-up sessions are directed towards improving specific mental skills identified during the assessment. The program is conducted in three on-site sessions of one-and-a-half hours each.

Conducted by Tim Fello, M.Ed. Cost: $450.

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Champion Blue

This top level of service is designed for the team interested in an on-going, full-season of mental skills consultation. Champion Blue includes all of the services listed in the previous packages and encompasses at least six on-site sessions with athletes and coaches. It is adaptable to meet the changing needs of the team as the season unfolds.

Conducted by Tim Fello, M.Ed. and Jack J. Lesyk, Ph.D. Cost: $900.

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All of these programs can be modified to meet the specific needs of the team and athletic program. For additional information, or to enroll your team, please contact Tim Fello, M.Ed. at (216) 575-5834.

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